Big Brew

Join a Big Brew this October 


This year’s Big Brew – which is sponsored by Big Red Construction will be our biggest one yet with an estimated 300 Big Brew events being held across the UK this October. They can be held anywhere with enough space for a few people to come together and boil a kettle – and most will be on construction sites and at builders’ merchants. 

The Big Brew is an annual campaign to encourage UK construction industry workers and tradespeople to come together over a brew to support one another and remove the taboo around mental health. 

Timed to coincide with World Mental Health Day in October each year, the campaign is focused on improving awareness of both mental health issues and routes to available support for members of the UK construction industry, particularly the self-employed and those in small and medium-sized businesses, who have been identified as most at risk. 


And to make it even easier to start a chat this year, the Big Brew is launching a new tea scale which is a new way to help tradespeople start conversations and ask others “where are you at on the mental health tea scale?” 



To find out more or to get involved yourself, visit The Big Brew – Band of Builders Ltd or ask your local merchant for more information.