We’re proud to announce that we have teamed up with to launch a Band of Builders (BoB) policy so that all of our members and supporters can take advantage of some very competitive rates on van insurance – and raise much-needed funds for BoB at the same time. is more than just a comparison website – it is a forward-thinking company that has forged exclusive relationships with some of the UK’s top insurers, brokers and underwriters, which means it is able to access deals that can’t be found elsewhere online.

Its state-of-the-art portal is smart, intuitive and simple to use across a variety of platforms, delivering an unmatched user experience and a seamless journey to find the best van insurance.

For every quote by a BoB member or supporter, will donate £5 to BoB.

And for every policy that is taken out, will also donate £100 to BoB.

The important bit – all quotes must be obtained via so that we can track all the quotes and policies.

Gavin Crane, our Chair of the Board of Trustees, is delighted that BoB is partnering with a fast-growing specialist comparison website, not only because it will give BoB’s members and supporters the best deals on van insurance but also because the charity benefits as well.

“This partnership is a win-win for BoB and,” said Gavin. “We have a large base of members and supporters from right across the construction industry, and van insurance is something that many in the industry need – so

having a trusted partner that we can signpost to is an important benefit to the BoB community. And, of course, they have nothing to lose by getting quotes, knowing that every time they do, makes a £5 donation to BoB.