Alex's Project

The Objective

Two years ago, scaffolder Alex Mitchell underwent lifesaving surgery after blood clots moved up both his legs and into his abdomen. Although he pulled through the surgery, the clotting was so severe that his left leg could not be to be saved and he had to have an amputation.

Before lockdown, the lifelong Mod had started a project to remodel his garden - but he was unable to make much headway as his mother became unwell and he took on a substantial caring role. A new garden is Alex's dream and not only to be a safe and accessible space - which is so beneficial for his mental health - but also to house a new storage shed for his beloved vintage Vespa scooter.


Alex Mitchell first hit the national news headlines in the spring of 2021 when he was the first medically confirmed living person in the UK to suffer a side effect of the AstraZeneca jab. And, he has since become the first living person in the UK to be acknowledged by the Government.

In March 2021 he had the vaccine and a couple of weeks later he was rushed into hospital after collapsing with what he thought was cramping in his calves due to his work. He later told the Sunday Post that: “the nature of my job is heavy lifting, so we do get aches and pains sometimes. Sore muscles are common. I had a hot bath and an early night. I didn’t think much of it.”

In hospital, a CT scan confirmed multiple blood clots in his lower abdomen and in both of his legs and he was rushed into theatre where surgeons were able to remove the clots. But, the doctors told him that every vein in his left leg had collapsed and amputation was the only option.

The Project

Alex is the first to say that his back garden is a “wasteland” – and the plan for the project will see a complete remodelling to create a wheelchair-accessible, split-level space so that he can have direct access from his home.

The existing decking has fallen into disrepair will be replaced and the unsightly hedging around the 18m x 10m garden will be removed so that new fence panels can be installed. A pergola will be built in a new seating area which will have a fire pit. Artificial grass will also be laid – and of course the new storage shed will be erected to house Alex’s pride-and-joy Vespa.

This project is expected to take a week to complete, and Band of Builders is appealing for landscapers and other tradespeople to volunteer their time to help on the project.


Dates TBC


The location of Alex’s project is Cambuslang, Glasgow

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