Andy's Project

The Objective

Following a serious car accident, Andrew’s extensive injuries meant that he was unable to finish a number of DIY projects that he had started before being hospitalised. This is where Band of Builders stepped in and our aim was to complete these jobs for Andrew and his family - enabling the family to once again enjoy their garden and to make accessibility easier and safer for Andrew.

9 Tradespeople
4 Days to Complete
£16,281 Delivery Value

360 Labour Hours

9 volunteer tradespeople spent 360 labour hours transforming Andy's garden in just 4 days


Andrew, 56 from Lennoxtown, Glasgow, who lives with his wife Pamela and their son, started his career as a joiner and progressed to become clerk of works and inspector with Glasgow District Council. He was involved in a near-fatal car accident in October 2014, which left all of his ribs broken and caused widespread injury including a crushed hip and pelvis and internal

He suffered multiple complications, which led to him being hospitalised for a year, enduring 26 operations as well as contracting pneumonia and septic shock.

The Project

Band of Builders carried out a range of jobs to make access to Andrew’s home and garden easier and safer, with 9 volunteer
tradespeople spending 36 labour hours transforming Andy's garden in just 4 days. The construction team also extended the fishpond upwards with sleepers, carried out electrical works to the pond filters and
shed and installed a gazebo over the pond.

The BoB team also erected a shed and built a small patio area, levelling and re-laying the lawn, adding a ramp from the back door into the garden and laying flooring to the kitchen.

All work was undertaken by volunteer tradespeople from
across the country using materials donated by the construction sector.

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