CT1, officially voted the number 1 sealant and adhesive, is made in Britain and is used by tradespeople in every construction sector. The ultimate snag list eliminator, CT1 replaces several different products in one cartridge, providing permanent sealing and bonding solutions and saving time and money by delivering outstanding performance.

The company was the first to bring a hybrid polymer to market 20 years ago and proudly introduced CT1 with unique, revolutionary and environmentally compliant ‘Tribrid®’ sealant and adhesive technology.

We are delighted to join forces with CT1, a family-owned company with strong community bonds - the perfect fit to partner with Band of Builders.

CT1 will not only provide financial support and materials in aid of our projects but they also see it as an important part of our partnership to highlight the work we do, they actively promote our projects, services and fundraising activities and events to their customers and users and also invite and encourage their commercial partners, customers and trade to get involved, especially with projects in their local areas, and to contribute their time, skills & expertise where possible.

“Becoming a corporate partner was a great way to cement the flourishing relationship because Band of Builders embodies everything that’s amazing about the UK construction industry.

“Tradespeople are often forgotten, being self-employed. They encounter daily struggles and often risk their health and lives attending to certain jobs. Those of us working in or supplying the building industry should try to help our fellow tradespeople in any way we can. We salute you BoB and are proud to be part of a growing movement in the construction industry that is a force for good.”

Director of Sales and Marketing, Nicola Walsh