EMR Metal Recycling UK

As one of the world's leading metal recyclers, EMR plays a pivotal role in the provision of sustainable materials across the globe.

With a history spanning 70 years, they have grown from a single UK business to a multi-national corporation. Their experience, vast capabilities and commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) values, places EMR amongst the most respected and trusted waste recycling companies in the world.

They recycle 10 million tonnes of waste annually, made up of everything from drinks cans to oil platforms, which are re-used, recycled and recovered into more than 200 grades of new, sustainable raw materials.

Recycling your scrap metal or UPVC windows at EMR means you're also supporting Band of Builders with a donation!

Join us in making a positive impact for those in the construction sector through responsible recycling.

Visit EMR depots nationwide and mention Band of Builders or our account number L00058685 to contribute.