Glenn's Project

The Objective

Glenn Ward suffered a brain tumour in 2020 and underwent surgery to save his life. He had a bleed on the brain and spent six months in hospital. As a result, he had to learn to walk and talk again and suffers memory loss. In 2022, he was told that the tumour had grown and he underwent more surgery.

Glenn has more than 40 years’ experience – the vast majority as a site manager for housebuilders on new housing projects – but has not been able to work since his first surgery.

His pride and joy garden at his home in Ledbury in Herefordshire has become overgrown because he and wife Esme simply cannot maintain it. Glenn’s speech therapist recognised this was getting him down and recommended reaching out to Band of Builders for help.

14 Tradespeople
Days to Complete
Delivery value TBC


On 12th November 2020, Glenn collapsed on site and was unresponsive for nearly an hour. He was rushed to hospital in Gloucester, then transferred to a hospital in Cheltenham before being escalated again to a move to Bristol hospital, where he underwent surgery for a brain tumour. What was supposed to be a serious but routine procedure became complicated by a bleed on his brain. And instead of a few weeks of convalescing, he stayed in hospital for six months – during which time Glenn had to learn to walk and talk again. He also suffers from memory loss.

The 64-year-old has not been able to work since. He undergoes rehabilitation, including speech therapy, at a specialist brain injury centre in Hereford. As part of his rehabilitation, he was recently able to complete three laps of a one-mile cycling track to fundraise for the centre.

Two years ago, Glenn was told the tumour had grown. He underwent more surgery and has since undergone a course of radiotherapy.

The Project

Glenn’s bungalow sits on a ¾-acre plot, and the three-day project will aim to make Glenn’s gardens much more manageable – leaving only simple tasks for Glenn and Esme to keep on top of.

Work will involve, for example, cutting back an overgrown yew tree that overhangs the roof and is causing damp. All the hedges need cutting back, especially as the property is on a busy main road.

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