Ipswich Project

The Objective

To adapt and improve a dated and inaccessible family bathroom into a wet room for a painter and decorator who had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour, allowing him to use it safely and comfortably.

9 Tradespeople, 330 Labour Hours
10 Days to Complete
£12,000 Delivery Value


Our 'Ipswich project' was for a painter and decorator who was diagnosed in early January 2018 with a terminal brain tumour. The bathroom at the family home in Ipswich was dated and inaccessible for use as the beneficiary's condition deteriorated so Band of Builders arranged to update it to a modern, safe wet room.

The Project

Led by a skilled multi-trade and BoB project lead, over 10 days, nine tradespeople travelled from around the country to help upgrade the bathroom.

The old, dated bathroom was ripped out completely back to brick, allowing the team to transform the room into a modern wet room, including replumbing and completely retiling the whole space, as well as widening the door to allow wheelchair access.

As well as volunteers donating labour, the project used donated materials that allowed Band of Builders to install a bathroom worth £8,000, most importantly providing a safe bathroom for the beneficiary as his condition worsens.

Utilitarian Benefit

Allowing the beneficiary to use the room safely and prolong the amount of time he can spend at home thanks to having the necessary facilities.

The widened doorway allows wheelchair access for the beneficiary.

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