Robert's Project

The Objective

A team from national charity Band of Builders carried out a range of adaptations to Robert's home in Solihull in order to ensure it was safe and accessible in readiness for his return home from a Shropshire rehabilitation centre.

60 Tradespeople
9 Days to Complete
£97,803 Delivery Value

60 Volunteers

Over 60 volunteers helped transform Robert's home in just 9 days


Robert Lamb, 58, suffered a severe spinal cord injury when he fainted due to low blood pressure at home in October 2020.  

Despite undergoing surgery, the father of four, from Solihull, was left paralysed from the chest down and needed to spend several months recovering at a rehabilitation centre in Oswestry until he was able to return to his home in February 2021.

With Robert unable to walk, the house where he and his three sons - Callum, Gavin and Mackenzie, who plays for West Bromwich Albion’s youth team - live needed to be adapted to ensure it was safe and comfortable for him in his new situation. 

The Project

In just nine days, a total of around 60 tradespeople carried out a raft of changes including the creation of a downstairs bedroom and wet room, as well as installation of underfloor heating and air conditioning as Rob’s body would now struggle to regulate its temperature.

Work also included the installation of a state-of-the-art accessible kitchen from Magnet, including new appliances paid for by LionHeart, a benevolent fund for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and their families.

Rob said: “It’s overwhelming. I thought they were doing two rooms - a bedroom and the wet room - but to see everything they’ve done is really overwhelming. At one point I thought I would maybe have to go into a care home temporarily so to be able to come back to my own home and for it to have everything I need really means the world.

“For so many strangers to give up their time to do this for me is amazing. It’s great to know there are good people out there who do things to help people like this.”

All work was undertaken by volunteer tradespeople from across the country using materials donated by the construction sector.

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